Get your Implants from the Guru!

Implant supported snap-on denture for $9,499*

Implant supported snap-on denture*

Are you suffering from an ill-fitting denture? Are you tired of your denture moving?
Get rid of your old ill-fitting denture with a new implant supported snap-on denture on only 2 implants!

Full mouth Restoration

Does your denture move or shift while you eat and speak?
Enjoy your life again with a secure snap-on denture!

Implant supported snap-on denture

Does your denture fall out when you laugh or yawn?
You don’t need to have another embarrassing moment in your life.

Implant supported snap-on denture for $9,499

Includes 2 Implants, Interim Denture, and Final Implant Supported Denture.

Extractions and Bone Grafts are not included in the fees.

Why Dr. Keerthi Senthil?

Loma Linda University

She is a specialist with her Master of Oral Implantology from Loma Linda University.

Dental Implant Diplomate Degree from ABOI

She has been credentialed with Diplomate status in Oral Implantology (highest level of education in the field of dental implants.) She is one among the 445 dentists in the United States to have achieved this.

Dr. Keerthi Senthil Proud Member of Dental Implants ABOI and AAID Organizations

She is a proud member of AAID and ABOI

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