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How Long is the Wait for Dental Implants After Extraction?

4 Features of Dental Implants Treatment

People need to wait for two to three months after an extraction. It usually takes some time for the gums to heal for the dental procedures to be done. The cosmetic dentist recommends the patients to take it slow when it comes to getting the right dental implant. In our previous blog, we explained about 5 reasons to pick an oral surgeon to fix dental implants in Palm Desert. However, the tooth extraction is an elaborate surgery that might take a toll on a person’s nerves.

4 Features of Dental Implants Treatment in Desert Hot Springs:

A dental checkup in Desert Hot Springs is done by the dentists who assess the oral condition of a person. If everything looks good and the patient has recovered completely, dental implants are recommended.

1. Are Long Lasting:
The dental implants usually last a lifetime. These do not have the same properties such as dentures and bridges and cannot be replaced after a while.
2. Make the Daunting Tasks Easy:
Also, the surgeons at the implant dentistry perform the treatments carefully. The implants work well and bond with the jawbone making activities such as chewing food and striking conversations with people easy.
3. Grant the People the Pleasure of Indulging in Culinary Delicacies:
The patients often ask an implant dentist in Desert Hot Springs if they can gorge on the delectable dishes. You might be pleased to know that people with dental implants can eat whatever they want without the fear of being judged.
4. Promote the Growth of the Jawbone:
The dental implants have a natural tooth root that stimulates the growth of the jawbone. When some teeth are missing, the jawbone usually shrinks. This can be prevented by the implants and one can have a carefree existence.

Working Process of Dental Implants Treatment in Desert Hot Springs:

The surgeons working in the cosmetic dentistry in Yucca Valley advise the patients to weigh the pros and cons. The oral surgery is performed by the experts who follow the protocols and use the best medical equipment. In some cases, they can immediately get the dental implants if they have a healthy and dense jawbone with no gum disease.

After the tooth extraction, the patients may require time to get back to their original selves. It is better to wait than to wallow in pain during the second dental procedure. Also, the oral surgeon in Yucca Valley might recommend the treatment after 10 weeks. This will prevent developing jawbone abnormalities and let the implant stay put.

Some patients will need a bone graft surgery before the dental implants to repair their oral condition. Doctors at the emergency dentistry in Yucca Valley advise the individuals to wait for three months and prepare themselves thoroughly before the complex procedure.

Tips for Dental Implants Treatment in Desert Hot Springs:

The oral surgeon advises the patients to not smoke and consume alcohol. The dentists who work for the periodontal care in Yucca Valley suggest that the people must take care of their teeth.

In addition to this, brushing the teeth using an effective toothpaste and scraping the tongue regularly keep the dental infections away. Visiting a dentist for a regular dental checkup in Yucca Valley is important. If any oral issue is diagnosed, it can be curbed in the initial stage.

To sum it up, patients can wait for some time after they have undergone tooth extraction to get dental implants. This might prepare them for the surgery ahead. Keeping in mind some dental care tips is important as good oral habits keep infections at bay.


To avail the best dental services, visit dental implants in Desert Hot Springs. The clinic caters to the dental needs of people from all walks of life. The dentists who work in the dispensaries and clinics deserve a bouquet of orchids for their laudable job. If you want to schedule a consultation, call us at 760-340-5107 today.


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