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Types of Treatments Offered by a Cosmetic Dentist

Types of Treatments Offered by a Cosmetic Dentist

If you want to restore your beautiful smile or enhance it further, then you must consult a cosmetic dentist in Rancho Mirage. Cosmetic dentistry offers an array of treatments to rectify the flaws in your smile. The best cosmetic dentist Dr. Keerthi Senthil, will suggest the most ideal procedure which suits an individual.

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What Are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

What Are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

Do you dread visiting your dentist? When it comes to visiting a dentist, most of us are often overwhelmed by fear. We even get anxious with just the thought of visiting the dentist. If you are postponing all your dental visits because of your dental phobia, sedation dentistry might just be the right option for you!

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Looking at the Pain Factor in Endodontic Treatments

How Painful Is An Endodontic Treatment?

Many people are fearful of visiting a dentist and undergoing an endodontic treatment, anticipating a lot of pain and discomfort. For these people, treatments like a root canal are synonymous with pain. There are a lot of myths about pain and discomfort experienced in endodontic treatment.

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Why Is Professional Teeth Whitening Essential?

Why Is Professional Teeth Whitening Essential?

Professional teeth whitening under cosmetic dentistry is underrated. People mostly opt for home whitening kits or ignore teeth whitening altogether. Nonetheless, this isn't the ideal approach.

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General Dentistry and Oral Surgeon - Are They Different?

Is General Dentistry & Oral Surgeon Different | Rancho Mirage

Have you been advised to meet an oral surgeon? So, it looks like you've been looking up the internet about oral surgeons lately and discussing it over with your friends and acquaintances? You might be really confused about why a dentist suggests you consult an oral surgeon.

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What Distinguishes a Dental Clinic From a Dental Office in Rancho Mirage?

5 Reasons Dental Checkup Is Crucial | Rancho Mirage | Palm Desert

Many people consider a dental office and a dental clinic as the same thing. Well, they might sound almost indistinguishable, but they are not the same. In our previous blog we have explained about 7 tips to choose dental office and dental clinic in Rancho Mirage.

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The Necessity of a Systematic Dental Check Up

5 Reasons Dental Checkup Is Crucial | Rancho Mirage | Palm Desert

A routine dental examination at a dental office in Rancho Mirage is principal for good oral health. Periodic check-ups help maintain the robustness of teeth and gums.

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Teeth Whitening at a Cosmetic Dentist: Seven Related Advantages

7 Benefits of Teeth Whitening By Cosmetic Dentist | Cathedral City

Cosmetic dentistry in desert hot springs is one of the most integral branches of dentistry. Cosmetic dentists use affordable and safe means to bring a radical improvement in aesthetics or the general appearance of gums and teeth.

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7 Invaluable Points to Hand-Pick the Appropriate Dental Office/Dental Clinic

7 Tips to Pick Right Dental Office & Clinic | Rancho Mirage

Are you looking for dental clinic in Rancho Mirage? If you were, this is the proper place. Below, you'll find the seven most effective tips to find the right dental office or clinic.

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Oral Surgeries Which Can be Executed By a General Dentist

The different dentistry specialties, especially the overlapping ones, may make it difficult for a commoner to understand which dental professional does what. While every practicing dentist is qualified to work on your dental health care, you have to consult specialists in complex cases.

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Seven Myths Surrounding Dental Implants You Shouldn't Accept

7 Myths Surrounding Dental Implants | Rancho Mirage, CA

Have you heard about dental implants? Need an oral surgeon to affix dental implants in Rancho Mirage? Dental implants are a fabulous solution to chipped, cracked, or missing teeth.

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The Necessity for Routine Dental Check-Ups

The Necessity for Routine Dental Check-Ups | Rancho Mirage

Visiting a dentist or a dental specialist once every six months is not an experience that we look forward to. But this appointment is the most essential one to be kept at any cost.

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Learn These Crucial Facts Before Your Endodontic Treatment

5 Most Common Dental Procedures From A General Dentist | Rancho Mirage CA

There are many treatment options available today for restoring damaged teeth, so it's important to consider your options and decide what's best for you. And one of the best treatments that have saved teeth in many cases is endodontic treatment in Rancho Mirage performed by Keerthi Senthil DDS, an Implantologist, at Implants Guru.

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Five Most Familiar Dental Procedures You Can Avail From A General Dentist

5 Most Common Dental Procedures From A General Dentist | Rancho Mirage CA

Some people are fortunate enough to have inherited a great set of teeth. They are perfectly arranged and are white and shiny. But, what about the unfortunate ones who lack this privilege?

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Dental Inlays and Dental Onlays: What's The Difference?

Dental Inlay & Onlay : What's The Difference

Fillings and crowns are the most common treatments for cavities and dental decay. However, there are other alternative treatments such as dental onlays and dental inlays in Rancho Mirage.

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Why Do You Need To Hand-Pick an Oral Surgeon To Affix Dental Implants?

Do You Need Oral Surgeon for Dental Implants

Dental Implant is one of the most common dental procedures. Millions of people go for this procedure by picking dental implant specialist in Rancho Mirage to help solve the problem of missing or lost teeth.

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Differentiating Between Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning

Difference B/W Deep & Regular Dental Cleaning

When your dentist communicated to you the need for deep cleaning your teeth, did you confuse it with the routine dental cleaning which you attend religiously? Regular or routine dental check up in Rancho Mirage and oral exams are known to many since it is ubiquitous.

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Bone Graft: Purpose, Procedure, and Risks

Bone Graft: Purpose, Procedure, and Risks | Rancho Mirage

Many people suffer from various joints or bones related problems. The best solution to solve this problem is a bone graft treatment in Rancho Mirage. This procedure involves the transplanting of bone tissue. The procedure aims at fixing bones that get damaged from problem joints or trauma.

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Some Vital Tips To Choose The Leading Dentist Near You

Looking For a Dentist Near You? Here's How to Find the Right One

Are you seeking an expert dentist in Rancho Mirage? Well, if you are, this blog is made-to-order for you. There are numerous dentists here in Rancho Mirage. But how do you find a dentist who is reliable. Therefore, you must put in some research before making a decision.

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Four reasons To Hand-Pick The Leading Dental Implant Specialist In Rancho Mirage And Surrounding Areas

Top Dental Implant Specialist for Rancho Mirage and Surrounding Areas

Is your confidence nosediving due to the absence of a single tooth or several of them? You have alternatives such as complete dentures, dental bridges and partial dentures to go for. But the most dependable choice is a dental implant. Read on to gather some functional information regarding dental implants.

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Who Is the Appropriate Candidate for Dental Implants?

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Dental Implants? | Rancho Mirage

If you have lost a tooth or teeth due to an unforeseen injury or periodontal disease, the best option to bring back your lost smile is through Dental Implants in Rancho Mirage.

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What are the different types of dental implants?

Dental Implants Palm Desert

Want to find a solution to your lost teeth? Get dental implants!  They come in different types and you can choose any of them according to your jaw size, bone density, space between the teeth, and position of the teeth.

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When your dental surgery requires sinus and bone grafting

Sinus Graft and Bone Graft Palm Desert

Dentistry has opened up ways to enhance your smile, and one procedure that gives you the perfect set of teeth is dental implants. This process involves dental implants to be embedded into your jawbone where eventually the titanium fixture integrates with the surrounding bone tissue.

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What are dental bridges and crowns? What is the difference between dental crowns and dental bridges?

dental bridges and crowns Palm Desert

Teeth problems are common to everybody, but your dentist has solutions for them. With missing teeth, problems like reduced functionality, appearance, and gaps between the teeth may arise. Whereas with decayed teeth, problems like toothache, discoloration and food particles getting stuck inside the decayed portion are quite frequent.

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Is cosmetic dentistry worth it? Why or why not?

Cosmetic Dentistry Palm Desert

Cosmetic dentistry is very helpful in beautiful in getting your face beautified. Maybe it’s the crooked teeth that are making your face less than perfect or it is the stained teeth that are grabbing most of the attention. Some people wish that not having an overbite or an underbite would enhance their looks a little.

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What is the best way to whiten your teeth?

Teeth Whitening Palm Desert

A smile looks attractive when the teeth are neat and bright. White teeth give you more self-confidence and let you smile openly without any hesitation. Might be the reason why people inquire about tooth whitening procedures when they are preparing for an important event in life.

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Why are dental implants necessary?

Why are dental implants necessary?

Have you been missing a tooth for quite some time? Do not let tooth loss affect your oral and overall health. Yes! A number of dental health problems can arise when you are missing a tooth. The condition can affect your ability to chew food thoroughly and increase the load on remaining teeth.

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Connection between Oral Health and Diabetes

Oral Health and Diabetes

Diabetes is a health concern that affects your body's ability to process sugar. If you are suffering from diabetes, it is very important that you maintain excellent oral health. Our dentist in Rancho Mirage firmly recommends that you maintain good oral health.

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How To Overcome Dental Anxiety?

Sedation Dentistry in Rancho Mirage

With increasing awareness of dental care, it has become quite usual to undergo dental surgeries which are done to improve your overall oral health. Be it a dental implant surgery or a simple teeth cleaning procedure, the use of some kind of surgical instrument to perform these treatments are unavoidable.

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Educational Requirement to become a Dental Assistant in USA

Dental Assistant

Dental assistants are professionals who usually learn and develop their skills over their job, although some receive training from one of the dental-assisting programs offered by community and junior colleges, trade schools, technical institutes, or the Armed Forces.In some states, it is mandatory that dental assistants must be licensed or registered.

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